Known Serial Killers

Most of us are familiar with serial killers, who they are, what they do and how they do it. A huge number of television shows, films and movies show the serial killers and their activities. Sometimes, we may think that they only exist in the movies or the shows. However, what we see is just a glimpse of the reality. There are people who actually do these things. It is times that all of us look at the issue and see the gruesome reality.

Some of the Known Serial Killers

Giles De Rais, was a military captain before he started serial killing. He had been a French nobleman. This man tortured several people including children. At the same time raped several young girls as well as boys. He used inhumane methods to torture his victims. He was found guilty of the several offenses and killed by hanging in the 1940s. Another serial killer was Andrea Chikatilo. He was from Ukraine and committed several offenses and including murder and rape. He even mutilated the bodies after killing victims. He was killed in 1994. Collin Ireland was from England. Though he killed less than 10 people, he was noted as he usually targeted gay men. Dennis Rader was from Kansas. He killed 10 people and was imprisoned in 2005. Dr. Harold Shipman was from England and used to murder his patients. Unlike several serial killers, he did not show any violence to his victims. He was later found guilty of 200 murders and was imprisoned in 1998. Gary Ridgway was from the United States. He mainly targeted prostitutes as well as runaway teens. There are several other serial killers who are known and have been convicted. However, although most of them show signs of violence, some are calm and do not show any signs of violence. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify a serial killer.

Motivation of Serial Killers

In the world, these are among the most violent individuals. However, as mentioned earlier, some are calm and do not show violence. They are mainly misunderstood as it is hard to understand their motivation. They are most of the times motivated by the desire to be in control. However, each of the serial killers is different, and there may have different motivations towards torture and murder. However, the need to be in control have been viewed as the major reason why an individual would go ahead and torture, rape and even kill his or her victims.

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