Why It Is Better To Write An Argument Essay Yourself Than To Use Free Examples

An argumentative essay is also called a persuasive essay in some schools and colleges. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince your readers by using strong logical arguments supported by concrete examples and relevant facts. You need to develop a bold tone for writing such an essay so that you can easily convince your reader of your ideas. Even though you can base your argumentative essay on personal opinions and experiences but it is important for these experiences or ideas to have strong logical and factual support. You cannot convince your readers to something that is purely biased and out of assumptions. It is essential to give them valid and authenticated supportive evidence to prove your point.

When it comes to writing an essay, different students have different techniques. Some might actually enjoy writing an essay on a given subject and dedicate all their time to come up with a winning essay. Other students think that is time consuming and lengthy process so they tend to avoid writing the essay on their own. Such students hire online writing agencies and freelance writers to complete their essays. Then there are third kinds of students who look for examples on the internet without any fee and use them to write their own essay. This can turn out to be risky due to a number of reasons.

  1. The examples you look on the web are not proof read or high quality
  2. If you get an example without paying anything then surely it will be loaded with mistakes
  3. If you rely on an example that is not relevant to your subject then you will be in trouble
  4. The example may or may not match the scope of your education
  5. The example you find free of cost might not be an ideal match to the requirements set by your teacher
  6. You may not understand what the writer is actually trying to say and copy the wrong idea

These reasons above and a few others can be problematic when you choose to follow a free example for your argumentative essay. It is best to write your paper on your own so that you know the complete idea and direction for your paper. If you choose to write on a subject, for which you are passionate you will not face such troubles.

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