What Makes A Strong 3- Page College Essay: A Brief Manual

One good reason why students should always put in their best efforts when writing a college essay is that, aside from your scores and grades, another means through which your school’s academic board or tutor determines your personality is through your writing. When you put in enough energy, emotion, and time into your writing, it shows you off as a serious student and increases your chances of gaining admission into the college, assuming you are writing an admissions academic paper. So, if you are not very confident with your writing skills, the time to start building it is now.

In order for your 3-page college essay to be rated as a strong academic paper, there are three major areas you should focus your attention on – the introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion. Here is a guideline on how to write a strong paper:

These are just a few of the guidelines you can use to create an outstanding and strong 3-page college essay on any topic, whether chosen by you or the school’s admission board. Go ahead and show them your personality.

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