How To Start A Compare And Contrast Essay: 5 Quick Tips

A Compare and contrast essay is an excellent test of one’s analytical thinking and reasoning capabilities. It goes a long way in unearthing the similarities and dissimilarities between two subjects. The following five tips are extremely useful and will help you to get started quickly and efficiently.

Choose the subjects to be compared and contrasted cleverly

The subject selection plays a very important and crucial role in the success of your presentation. The two potential subjects chosen for the paper should have some interesting features in common. This will enable an effective comparison between the two subjects. The common features, however, should be complimented with an equal amount of contrasting features to strengthen your argument.

The introduction should be impressive

The introduction should be bang on. Work on the quality rather than the quantity. The introduction should not be unnecessarily lengthy. It should be short and specific, clearly reflecting the main essence of your essay. The introduction should be constructive enough to attract the readers to your work. It is through the introduction that the reader is hooked with the essay.

The body of the essay should be organised creatively

The main contents of the body should be creative and self-explanatory. The arguments supporting your statements should be written with precision. The contents should be organised in such a way that the similar and contrasting features between the subjects are well presented and highlighted.

The three R’s to success

The mantra to your success lies in Revise, Review and Repeat. The success of a Compare and contrast essay lies in its uniqueness. In your excitement to present the best, make sure that you do not end up being repetitive. Do not leave any loose ends. Make changes wherever necessary. Review and revise the contents frequently.

Nail it with the conclusion

The conclusion should equally enthralling and creative. Ideally, a conclusion should summarise the arguments and analysis in support of your statement. However, your personal view on the subject matter is equally important and valuable.

Few more critical points while starting a compare and contrast essay

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