How To Write An Effective Essay In A Few Simple Steps

Essay writing can be an easy task if you know how to complete it. Even if it requires some research and citations, you can still finish it in a couple of hours by following a few simple steps. There is a process to writing a successful essay that you can capitalize on when you start to learn the best ways to approach it. Organization is key in creating a successful essay. Here are some great steps to follow to write an organized essay.

  • Choosing a subject
  • The first step is to choose a subject to write about. You want to choose a subject that you are interested in because it is a lot easier to write about something that you like. If you have to do research to complete your essay, you want to have to research a subject that interests you and not one that puts you to sleep. The subject should also be specific enough that you don’t have to write a whole book to cover the information. For example if your assignment is to “analyze the current financial crisis and the banking industry” you would want to come up with a specific subject that relates to both. You can write about how the current financial crisis affects the banking industry or how the banking industry helped create the financial crisis. But using just the general topic is too difficult to write an essay on.

  • Creating an outline
  • Experts from say this is a step that you should do every time you write a paper even if it is only a few sentences. You want to create an outline that shows the thesis statement and three supporting facts at least. The more involved and complete your outline is; the easier it will be to write your paper after.

  • Transitions
  • Transitions are the words that you use to let your reader know that you are changing topics. They are super important in helping you stay on track and helping your paper flow. It will be easier for your reader to read, if it has transitions.

  • Rough Draft
  • Write your rough draft next. This is an expansion on your outline. You can reread and edit it many times so just get as much of the information as possible on the page. You can jump around to different topics and different paragraphs if it is easier for you.

  • Edit
  • Make sure to edit the rough draft. Have a friend read it over and give you some advice. This will make sure that your final project is on point.

    These are some really simple steps that will help you write an effective essay for your next assignment. The more essays you write; the easier it gets.

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