Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is an exceptional character who represents morality and reason in the novel To kill a Mockingbird . He represents the correct roots of human behavior, kindness and gives a picture of how cruelty his society was towards the struggle between whites and blacks. Atticus shows unique traits of being moral, courageous, helpful, and his people consider him in high esteem. Lee brings out the admirable qualities of Atticus. Despite being born and bred in Maycomb County a society where social segregation was thoroughly entrenched in the people, he ignored that setting and stood out as an advocate of equality for all human.

Firstly, Atticus is the moral backbone of his community. He is a great father and represents the basic morals that were lacking by most people of Maycomb County at that time (Pierre, 1996). Atticus preferred everyone in his community treated equally at a time when racial prejudice well pronounced at that time. He shows empathy and courage to do the odds for the protection of human rights regardless of their racial backgrounds. Throughout the Novel, Lee has used Atticus as morally right citizen ready to uphold to his moral integrity. An example to his fellow lawyers is in pursuit of justice. He had good parenting style; he treated all his children as adults and was honest in answering all their questions. He teaches his children moral values and is conversant with his children habits.

Atticus is a lawyer and a father. He was appointed to represent Tom Robinson, a black man over rape charges levied against him. Atticus being white his relatives and friends objected and opposed the idea he showed great courage and offered a spirited defense to Tom because it was morally right. However, he placed his family to ridicule and humiliation but decided to show kindness and protect the life of Tom. He could have been killed by the hungry group; it’s his act that offered Tom another chance to survive. Later, the society was changed by this act of kindness and knew the truth by proving Tom innocence. Secondly, his helpful act is portrayed when he send to explain and read to Mrs. Dubose not to die from morphine addict.

In conclusion, Atticus is an ideal paradigm of good citizenship, skillful, honest lawyer and balances well his family roles and work balance. He has insightful attitudes, highly respectful, distinguished and respected personality.

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