The problem of obesity has remained a major challenge in human health especially in developed nations. Most people take in fast foods which are rich in proteins, resulting to accumulation of fat content in the body. Especially in United States where fast foods restaurants are growing very fast, most people are becoming obese every day. However, what most people do know understand about these excessive accumulation of body fat is that, it effects their health living. In fact, excessive accumulation of body fat increases the risk of blood pressure and heart attacks.

Obesity is determined through the use of Body Mass Index (BMI). The Body Mass Index is achieved through dividing the weight of a person with the square of his or her height. If the body mass index of a person is above thirty kilogram per meter squared, the person is defined as obese.

Causes of Obesity

One of the most common causes of obesity includes excessive intake of high protein foods such as fast food. Excessive intake of high protein food leads to higher production of proteins in the body than what the body requires for metabolic process, therefore, the excess proteins in stored in body tissue as fat. Continued consumption of foods rich in proteins increases the accumulation of fat in the body which eventually results to obesity.

Lack of body exercise is another key cause of obesity. Body exercise helps to reduce accumulation of fat contents in the body. However, most people tend to be too busy with other life aspects and do not have time to do some physical exercises which are very vital for their health. This increases the risk of becoming obese.

Genetic susceptibility is another major cause of obesity. However, there are very few cases which fall under this category. Nevertheless, there are some individuals who take in less food and yet they continue to gain more weight.

Control Measures for Obesity

Although obesity is a potential human health deathtrap, it is preventable and curable. As it is said, “prevention is better than cure,” obesity can be easily and effectively be controlled through balanced diet and physical exercises. However, balance diet does not mean people should not eat foods which they much like but requires an individual to take in the required amounts.

Obesity treat involves the use of anti-obesity drugs to reduce eating appetite. In case anti-obesity drugs are not effective, gastric balloon or surgery may be applied on obese individuals.

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