Should Secondary Education Be Free?

The question of whether or not secondary school education should be made free or not continues to remain debatable. Some nations or countries have the free secondary education. Other countries, nations or states are not yet able to facilitate and allow schools to offer free secondary education. More countries promote primary education freely but not the secondary education. A time has come when education has become a right of all the people. People ought to stop treating education as being a privilege. It should be viewed as a right because it is indeed a right. When secondary education is not free, there are a lot of divisions created. There are those that can easily afford the most expensive schools. Others cannot afford even the cheapest schools around them. Offering secondary education freely would go a long way in eliminating such disparities. Enrollment in schools will also remain lower if parents have to pay for secondary education. When no fee needs to be paid for education, more people will enroll in schools for education.

Advantages of Free Secondary Education

Several advantages can be derived from offering free secondary education. More people including those that are poor would get a chance to learn without being sent home to get school fees. This is a better and effective way of dealing with the several existent social inequalities or disparities in the community. The illiteracy and ignorance levels in the societies consequently reduce as more people are educated. Better societies will also be created. This is because more people will be busy in schools, and thus the crime levels and activities are likely to reduce drastically. Educated people are beta managers of their health and safety practices. This means that the communities will be healthier if the secondary education is free. Equal opportunities for all are a significant impact of free secondary education. All people will get the opportunities to learn. The economy also becomes better from the impact of educated youths.

Challenges of Free Secondary Education

Funds for use in schools to facilitate the free secondary education in schools may be disbanded late. This may make it difficult for teachers and the management of the schools. Teachers are sometimes few in schools that have so many students. Facilities availed in secondary school may be few to cater for education needs of the many students enrolled in the schools.

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