Edwardian Era

This period is also referred to history as the Fin de siècle. It was in the years between 1880 and 1914. During this time, Britain was a powerful and influential nation that was adored by many nations and kingdoms. What the sun never sets on the British Empire was a familiar maxim. During the Edwardian Era, this maxim was seen as true because of the influence that Britain had. Never the less, towards the end of this period, the British Empire could feel the pressure from other emerging and grow empires and kingdoms. The main two were the United States of America and the newly formed German Empire. There long and unending conflict with India and Ireland had an adverse effect on the British Empire.

The main shock in Britain was the formation of the German Empire in 1870. It destabilized the balance of power in Europe. This sparked a series of revolts that led to the rise of secret alliances. There was a lot of quest as to who were the world powers. Powerful nations like Russia, France, Austria-Hungary and Germany were all jostling for a position of authority if not equality under the sun. German Empire then led by Kaiser Wilhelm 2 appeared to be determined to clinch a respectable position even if it meant through brutal force. This heightened fears of continental war. The Edwardian Era led to many changes in various human aspects.


During this era, there was turmoil in the social characteristics. A lot of things changed for the better. Human rights were in the middle of the new proposed changes. However, political and socialist groups led to agitation among the working classes. A gap started to set in between the haves and the have-nots. Politicians fought to pass laws that were going to introduce the income tax. Many saw that as a move to oppress the poor. Other new laws that were introduced in England include reducing the working hours, unemployment benefits, old-age pensions and death duties. All these changes led to a difference in life between the old and the young. There was what came to be called the youth cult.

Science and technology

The Edwardian Era is at times extended to past the World War One. After this time, there was a lot of advancement in science and technology. Nations were preparing in the event of any other war. This led to invention and development of ideas rather quickly. During the First World War, technologies that enhanced communication were developed. Typewriters, motorcars, the telephone and sewing machines were all invented during the war.

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