Academic Writing Tips: 7th Grade Persuasive Essay Outline

Middle school homework is usually used by the teachers to teach you how to write different essay types, that's why you will have an extremely huge number of written assignments these years. If writing essays is not your favourite thing to do, our guide will help you get through the day and teach you how to write an outline for your persuasive essay.

Step 1. Understanding what a persuasive essay means.

The key of such assignments is to understand the form that is expected from you. Most of the teachers even leave the topic for the student to select as what you right about is not as important as how you right it. How you can probably guess from the title, the whole point of writing a persuasive type of paper is to persuade your readers that your point of view is correct. The main problem is that you cannot just say so and people are supposed to believe you. You need to support what you right with proof and evidence.

Step 2. Defining the essay structure.

The outline is not your normal paper. It is usually written in bullet points and gives a reader only an approximate insight of what your full paper is going to be about. That's why it is very important to show the specific structure in your outline. Persuasive paper will not differ by the basic structure from all the other paper types: it's supposed to have an intro, 2-3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. If you are still in 7th grade, none will expect much more from you.

Step 3. Writing the outline.

There are a few ways on how to arrange the writing process. You can either start with the intro and move your way through the paper paragraph by paragraph or start with the main body and then write the introduction and conclusion based on it.

  1. Introduction. This is where you will present you topic to your readers. State your topic clearly. Make it understandable, why you want to take this topic. Make your readers want to read further.
  2. Main Body. It will consist of a few paragraph, each devoted to a specific reason. Support tge reasons with facts and evidence. .
  3. Conclusion. Summarize your paper and your findings. Briefly state why you stand assured that your point of view is correct and why your readers shall follow it. Do not repeat yourself.

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