Insulin is a very important protein in the body. It is secreted in the pancreas. It aids in the uptake and utilization of glucose in the blood. Insulin is necessary for all animals but will vary according to the different species of animals. Animals like porcine secrete insulin that closely resembles that secreted by the human beings. The main work of insulin is to regulate the amount of sugars or glucose in the blood system. This is important as it reduces the risk of having complications. It is, therefore, vital to maintaining the insulin level at the required level. Sound levels will ensure that glucose in the blood is taken up for use by other body organs. Some of it that is in excess is converted to glycogen that can be stored in the muscles and the liver.

Stable, healthy level of insulin

When the level of insulin in the body is low, there is a risk of low intake of glucose from the blood. This may lead to diabetes because of the increase of sugar in the blood. Worse still, it leads to conversion of fats into energy for use by the body organs. Levels of insulin secreted in the body result in two different types of diabetes mellitus. The first case is when there is low or no production of insulin by the pancreas. This means that there is no or little uptake of glucose from the blood. People suffering from this condition can live with insulin injections. They inject some externally manufactured insulin into their body and it functions just as the normal insulin. The other case is when there is the production of insulin by the pancreas, but it does not do the work that it is supposed to do. This is what is called by many people as insulin resistance. Such patients can be treated with medications that work to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. Alternatively, they can use externally supplied insulin to meet the insulin needs of the body.

Causes of insulin resistance

It has not been understood fully what the causes of insulin resistance are. However, some factors are substantially linked to insulin resistance.

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