Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write A Discursive Essay

A discursive essay is a paper that presents a well-balanced view on a controversial topic while also arguing your own point of view. You can argue for or against the topic, but the point here is to make sure that there is strong evidence for each point of view. Strong evidence in a discursive paper does not need to come from a scholarly perspective; rather it can be the opinion of anyone. You’ll still want to do academic research of course. Here is a step by step tutorial.

  1. This is a formal academic paper and should be written as such. The degree of formality, as usual, depends on your instructor’s preferences. Some instructors may allow you to speak in terms of “I” all throughout the writing while others prefer that you reserve this for the concluding paragraph. However, you will not use colloquialisms or contractions in a discursive paper.

  2. Research a controversial topic that you feel can go either way. You want to provide a balanced view in your essay. Introduce this topic at the beginning of your paper, in the very first paragraph. Discuss some background information as to why this is an issue worth arguing about.

  3. In each of the next paragraphs, you will discuss a strong argument. Whether you are bringing up two, three, or four arguments, give each one its own paragraph where you can elaborate on that particular point. In the first few paragraphs, you will discuss the arguments that are opposite to your own opinion. Then discuss the arguments supporting your opinion in the paragraphs afterward.

  4. In the paragraph before your conclusion where you will reiterate your opinion and lead your reader to form the same opinion, you will restate the arguments to the opposing point of view.

  5. Make sure to give plenty of reasons, examples, and factual evidence for every argument presented in your paper. This will ensure a well-balanced essay while you gently persuade your reader to take the obviously more enlightened point of view.

Do not be intimidated by the nature of the discursive essay. It is a very natural paper to write because it uses sound logic to bring all points of view to the table. When you do this before talking about your opinion, it gives your point of view validity, which is why a discursive paper is so important to learn how to write.

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