Hardware And Software

Technology is based on different components working together to solve an issue. Computer system is an example of such technology that allows input, use the information input and output what the user expects. Computer system is made of software and hardware. The purpose of this paper is to identify the relationship between hardware and software.

Software is in the word used to group numerous computer programs, documentation, and procedures that are tasked with ensuring a computer system operates effectively. The software systems that are used in computer systems are grouped into three classes, which are application software, programming software, and system software. Software allows a system to operate in a specific sequence and allows change of a system based on the software that is available. The software is created in a manner that is user-friendly and forms the interface in which the computer system can operate effectively.

Hardware is a physical component that connects to a computer and can be physically touched. Some examples of hardware include video card, printer, computer display monitor, and hard drive. The important of hardware is giving the software a platform to run on. The software cannot operate with hardware since it is the base it can run. The software and hardware interacts with each other with the purpose of fulfilling a given task. Without these two components, a computer system cannot operate effectively.

The hardware is the platform that is required to execute and store the software. It also enables the software to run. The software, on the other hand, collects instructions from the user and the software interacts with the hardware to fulfill a given instruction. Software does not perform general tasks, but each software performs a given task based on the attached hardware: physical components. Some of the types of hardware include control, process, storage, and output and input while software include application software, programming software, and system software. For example, the document processor is an example of a software while a printer makes the information on a hard copy e.g. on paper.

The hardware operates as the delivery mechanisms for the specific software. The hardware is difficult to change because of the purpose that it performs while a software is frequently changed because of the function that it plays. The software allows modification, creation and deletion of information, and these functions continuously change. On the other hand, a software specifically completes a task based on input from the user. A hardware can operate without a software in minor instances such as powering on or responding to any input. The software cannot function without hardware since the hardware forms the platform that allows the software to run.

The failure when it comes to hardware is random. The hardware failure is dependent on the extent of use. The older the hardware becomes, the frequency of failure also increases. Conversely, failure in software is systematic and does not have and increase in failure whatever the extent it has been used. The wearing of software is because of bugs and other programming complications. Therefore, the failure rate between these two systems is different, and it impairs the general operation of a computer system.

In conclusion, hardware and software are required to make a computer system to operate effectively. Hardware is the physical components while the software forms the interface between the hardware and software.

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