10 Steps To Creating A Text Response Essay On A Christmas Carol

A text response essay is basically reading a certain type of work and then responding to it. You can do it in a number of ways but there is some structure to how an essay should be organized. Here are 10 steps to creating a text response essay:

  1. Read the text you have been assigned just to get a feel of the entire book.

  2. Re-read if time allows this time keying in on some specific parts of the book that are of interest to you. Key in on the main areas such as the characters, theme, plot, etc.

  3. Create your introduction of the essay that would include the author and the name of the text you are writing about. Also, give a brief account of what happened in the text and explain what you want to talk about in the rest of the essay. Try to get your reader interested in what is going to follow.

  4. Make sure your essay gives at least a couple of ideas you are going to be talking about in the body of your essay so the audience has its curiosity peaked and will want to continue to read the work.

  5. Take your first idea and write your topic sentence knowing that the rest of the paragraph will be trying to prove or expand on this one sentence. Sometimes using a quote is a great way to open a paragraph. It will interest the audience and it leads some kind of validity to your work as well.

  6. Make sure the end of every one of your body paragraphs have a sentence that leads into the next paragraph. We call these linking paragraphs also.

  7. As you are writing your body paragraphs, refer back to your earlier paragraphs and show how they link to them as well as the main topic of your essay. This will make your paper flow easier.

  8. Your last paragraph in your body will probably be your weakest argument but it will be kind of lost in your essay anyways between your strong arguments and your great conclusion. Again, make sure you reference your earlier arguments and your main topic and then your last sentence should lead into your conclusion.

  9. Your conclusion is mainly a way to tie in all of your ideas and remind the audience of what the main topic was. Don’t summarize everything here. Start with your topic sentence that is reworded and then systematically show how your evidence proved what you were saying. Make it flow nicely and allow the work to prove your thesis.

  10. Don’t introduce any new information into the conclusion. Try and leave the readers with something to think about so they won’t forget it.

Check this website out for more specific information on how to create a great text response essay.

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