Alcohol Abuse

People who abuse alcohol are sometimes not even aware that they are addicted to their drinking habit. In other cases, they are not just willing to accept that they are addicted to their favourite alcoholic drink. In most cases, everyone starts as a social drinker. This is drinking that happens once in a while mostly during social functions or when meeting friends. A social drinker does not place much emphasis on alcohol. However, the same cannot be said about people who abuse alcohol.

Alcohol abusers prioritise their drinking over everything else in their lives. This prioritisation could be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary prioritisation is a situation whereby a person chooses to drink every day or every other day after work and whenever he has some free time. On the other hand, involuntary prioritisation is the situation whereby a person is not able to perform his daily activities without taking an alcoholic drink. As a result, such a person has to drink before and during normal working hours.

When someone starts abusing alcohol, certain signs will definitely start showing up. These signs are both physical and emotional. One of the physical signs common in alcoholic abusers is losing weight. Weight loss can be attributed to poor eating habits. In addition, the individual’s speech becomes slurred, suffers from redness of face and he will experience a tingling sensation on his limbs. In addition to physical signs in a person who abuses alcohol, there are mental signs as well. Emotional signs include being highly irritable even at petty issues, driving when drunk, inability to quit drinking, and emotional outbursts. These signs, both physical and emotional can lead to breaking of families or even loss of a job. None of these occurrences are desirable.

In addition to these symptoms, a person who abuses alcohol is barely able to manage his finances. Therefore, he might not even be able to keep himself looking good or even pay family related bills. The situation can even get too bad to even get to a point of a person misusing funds available at a business or place of work.

With prolonged alcohol abuse, an individual suffers from health complications as well. Possible health conditions include inflammation of the liver, erectile dysfunction, birth defects and increased chances of suffering from cancer. These health conditions are quite serious and treating them would involve spending huge amounts of money. It is therefore, crystal clear that alcohol abuse does not offer any advantage. Once a person realises he is suffering from such a condition, it is important to seek psychological assistance.

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