Hamlet And Don Quixote

This essay is effective in trying to describe and explain two heroic types. In one, a man thinks and takes himself as strong. On the other hand, on another heroic type, a man acknowledges and takes himself as weak. Hamlet can easily read and view any situations both clearly and brilliantly. On the other hand, Quixote acts in a manner and way that can be described as decisive. However, reading situations accurately is an issue and is problematic for him. Besides, this makes it difficult to handle situations in which he can save his life.

Don Quixote vs Hamlet

Don Quixote is depicted as living for others. He is out to abolish and eliminate any evils among is brethren and in the society. He is against any occurrences and forces that are unfriendly to humans. All oppressors including all the giants and also the wizards are some of the factors he counteracts. He has the ideas of abolishing the evils while providing to his brethren a good environment and safe society to live in. He is deemed as ready to suffer for the safety of the society and others. He has more value to other peoples to the extent of not having too much value for his life and existence. He has a strong idea and belief in the existence of both justice and truth in the society he lives in. Furthermore, he considers individuals with all the time and value for themselves as shameless. He believes in devotion for brethren. His deemed and depicted as one who has doubts about almost everything. His difference with Don Quixote is very apparent. The character knows and identifies the weaknesses he has. Hamlet's mind is much developed if compared to that of Quixote. Constantly, Hamlet is very concerned about his life and himself. All he does is what benefits him. He is unlike Quixote, the servant. He however on identifying his weaknesses goes ahead to criticize and scorn himself. He is still nourished by his own scorn and criticism.


The two characters have totally different personalities. The societies need people devoted to eliminating evil and being support of good and helpful projects. No one should be cowardly to face evil or deal with it. Individuals capable of serving others with progressivism are critical in societies and should be elected to leadership positions. Individuals need to be capable of identifying and pointing out their weaknesses as well as controlling and managing them.

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