Recommendations For College Students: Creating An Essay On Domestic Violence

There is a very popular, yet unpleasant theme, that many college professors choose to have students write on for college writing assignments and this topic is domestic violence. Unfortunately, this topic is prevalent within homes of all types worldwide and when colleges choose this assignment for their students a part of it is to help increase awareness with their assignees but additionally, this assignment creates an opportunity for students to draw on their own emotions and create a memorable work.

Research for examples and stories

When you are building a writing on domestic violence you have taken on a topic that is personal and touches people where it hurts them the most, their family. A family and a home are supposed to be a place of safety, warmth and love and domestic violence destroys that peace. There are many stories available where people have shared their own experiences of how they recognized, stopped or survived domestic violence. With just a quick search you will find numerous examples that will allow you to write a truly memorable essay that shows the impact of domestic violence on people.

Share personal emotions

A truly winning essay project will share the writer’s feelings and emotions about the topic. If you have had the misfortune of having experienced domestic violence yourself or know someone close to you who has experienced this then draw from the emotions when you discuss your points within your writing. Personal feelings can be difficult to share but to truly win over your audience and wow your assessors incorporate them into your work.

Use personal stories

Nothing can truly drive home the impact of domestic violence than if you have your own story to share about the topic. If you are comfortable sharing your story then use it and draw on your experiences to write. These personal stories will truly capture the feelings of someone who is in that situation and may feel trapped and helpless to change their situation. Use this to write a truly memorable work for this assignment and you are sure to get good marks for your work.

Writing assignments are a part of the college experience but when the opportunity arises to draw on your personal experiences and emotions then use this to your advantage. With just a little effort and open and honest writing about your feelings you can put together a top caliber piece of writing.

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