7 Factors To Consider When Looking For Essay Help Online

There are seven factors that anyone should consider when looking for essay help online.

Sometimes everyone needs a model, but sometimes, it becomes very tempting to steal just a sentence here or there, doesn’t it. But remember, your teacher wants your insights and your words. PLUS, your words are going to be even better after all the reading of samples you have done combined with your own great ideas about words to use and insights to add.

So read these seven things to consider BEFORE you resort to anything foolish, like buying plagiarized papers—period.

  1. Sure, read samples—just don’t copy them.
  2. It is okay to read samples of essays. This will help you to structure your own and to envision the content.

  3. Never BUY an Essay Online—IT will be plagiarized or they wouldn’t have it.
  4. Ask your teacher for help first. Teachers HAVE more great samples than anyone—and they’re not plagiarized AND they’re well written.
  5. Likewise, ask the writing center—they too have samples that are original, un-plagiarized and scored As in class.
  6. Plus, they can sit down with you and strategize what you can learn from this paper that will improve your own work as well.

  7. Use Samples Like a Pro
  8. If you want to research papers like the paper you will be creating for class, do so strategically. Look up – “great introductions for college essays” or “how to write a perfect closing paragraph with examples” and then you can read all kinds of perfect paragraphs that will inspire—I promise, -- you to create even a better closing paragraph than these writers did.

  9. If you’re going to look at samples then look at the best ones on the web—here’s how.
  10. Google “Award winning essays on [insert your topic] or award winning aP papers in biology—or award winning papers in marine biology, or award winning papers on dolphins, for example. Even better, try search terms such as “World Writing Contest Essay Winner” or “National Essay Contest Winners – research papers” – and use these to inspire your own.

  11. “All poets steal,” T.S. Eliot said
  12. but you must know how to steal—steal ideas for a paper that you can do even better—that’s the way to get really going on a great paper. And the more you read—the better you write—period.

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