Looking For A Good Argument Essay Outline Example

Arguing a topic is the best way to prove a point, so when you are preparing to do an argument piece of writing you need to structure your argument in the most logical way possible. Your argument must be structured, clear, well-composed and most of all convincing in order to win. But just where do you get started?

A good argument will be structured like a court case and consists of four main components which include:

By following this format you will build a strong argument that is sure to win any written debate.

Opening statement

The introduction will be your chance to present the case to your reader. You will want to clearly state the problem and your position behind it with a quick outline of how you will be proving your case throughout the body of the work. After the opening the reader should clearly understand the problem you will be arguing throughout the rest of the piece.

Build your position

The next step to the argument is to build your case. A sound argument will have a minimum of three points that stand behind your position and these points should have facts, quotes and other information to support them. The argument style of writing is built off of a debate format where the opposing teams must find a weak link in their position and disprove their points to win the debate. The same is true for an essay where you must establish a sound position so that any opponents cannot break your case and win the point.

Refute opposing arguments

The next step for the argument is to refute any points a virtual opponent would make to disprove your case. When you are researching your essay you will see two sides to the argument. Use these opposing viewpoints to build this section and discredit your virtual opponents.

Closing statements

The final section of the work will be closing statements. In this section, the goal is to summarize your points and then close the argument for your reader. Keep the closing statement concise and summarize what you have discussed.

An argument essay is a fun virtual debate that allows you to present and develop your position. By following these steps you will have the format to win any virtual written debate.

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