Composing An Effective Narrative Essay About Climate Changes

A narrative essay is the type of paper in which the writer has to explain an event, person, or a place using his personal experiences. This is more like a story that you have to narrate to your audience. You will use the first person because you are explaining the subject from your personal experience. It is important to note that you should avoid any biasness when writing such an assignment. It is worth mentioning because when you are writing using your personal observation, there is a high chance of subjectivity. You only have to focus on the subject and stay objective while writing it. Even if you want to write good or bad about something, the readers will not believe only because it is your opinion. You must have strong support and evidence when you write about something.

Climate changes occur in every part of the world ever since the world first evolved. Some parts of the world are more prone to damages from climate changes while others can easily cope up with the change in environment. The subject itself is huge and can have many sub divisions and categories. If you are to write an essay about this subject, then you should try to narrow down the scope of your paper. Instead of trying to address the entire subject you should pick an area that you are most comfortable with and you have enough knowledge and information to write a narrative essay about it. You can pick sub categories like global warming, glaciers, earthquakes, cyclones, Katrina or any other change that you can easily address.

A good piece of advice for you is to pick something that you have actually experienced or seen closely. If your city or state has been affected with any of the climate changes and you were there at the event then you should write about it. It is because you can always narrate better when you have actually been in the situation. If you do not have a personal experience with any of such changes, then you should go ahead and explain something from a movie you have watched or a book you have read.

One thing to remember about narrative essays is that they should follow a chronological order of events. You cannot jump between events without making any sense. It is important for your audience to get a sense of what you are talking about in your essay.

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