A List Of Good Problem Solution Essay Topics About Giving Up Smoking

Giving up smoking is really an appreciable thing. Well, it needs not to tell how bad smoking is for health. It makes a human being vulnerable to much fatal disease like cancer. But giving up smoking is not so easy. There are many problems which are faced by the smokers when they try to give up smoking. We have here a list of solution essay topics for your convenience. Here are they.


  1. Take an alternative source of entertainment while giving up smoking
  2. Help of yoga to give up smoking
  3. The inspiration you can get while you are trying to give up smoking
  4. Keep your mind cool and your giving up smoking will be hundred times easier
  5. Start with low tar cigarette and then go on giving up of it totally
  6. Be in touch with your friends when trying to give up smoking
  7. How can you get help from the internet when you are trying to give up smoking?
  8. Think about the future of your family and give up smoking
  9. The help you can take from the library when you are giving up smoking
  10. Be as much patient as possible when you are giving up smoking
  11. How to get help from the experienced persons to give up smoking?
  12. Some medical facts about smoking, which will inspire you to give it up
  13. Some economic facts which will inspire you to give up smoking
  14. History of some people which will inspire you to do the gigantic task of giving up smoking
  15. Simple mistakes that all the people who try to give up smoking do

Well the above topics will certainly make the phenomenon clear to you. What you have to do just to concentrate on the main focus of the topic and develop that focus thought the writing. Then and only then the writing will be a successful one. A topic like the problem solving of giving up smoking is not so easy. So adherence to the central focus of the topic is so much necessary here. Otherwise, you will not be a successful writer. So make sure whether you are following all the rules of writing or not. This is the central thing you must concentrate on. We wish you good luck in your writing career.

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