Free Essay Help: Composing A Great Paper In An Hour

Crunched for time? Fell asleep on your keyboard and woke up only just before your assignment is due? Here is the definitive guide to getting your essay finished in just one hour.

Write a title first. Spend at least 5 minutes working on this title. It is key to getting your professor’s attention!

Using the title as a basis, draft a simple outline. Basically, start by writing one sentence for each category: Introduction:

Body 1:

Body 2:

Body 3:


The outline is the “bones” of your paper. Now, add “flesh” to your outline.

Once you are finished, make sure to cite your references using footnotes or endnotes, and a bibliography.

Now, it is time to edit. First edit for grammar and basic formatting. Here is a checklist:

The second stage of editing is for content.

  1. Check that you have a nearly equal amount of words in each paragraph.
  2. Make sure you have said enough about each point. For example, on persuasive essays, you must not only write your argument, but must also include refutations to counter-arguments.
  3. Make sure you have included everything content-wise required for the assignment.

Once you are finished editing, you are finished!

If you are really running short on time, the one place you should sacrifice points would be in the word count. It is better to lose a few points due to having a short paper than to not turn it in at all.

One last tip...

Different styles of papers usually have a pre-set outline already available on the internet. For example, do a search for “basic research paper outline” and you might be able to find an already prepared outline for you to use. This could save you 20-30 minutes!

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