5 Writing Rules You Should Consider In Order To Write A Great Persuasive Essay

In essence, all essays we write are persuasive essays. How are they so? Well, in all essays that we write, the goal is to convince our reader of our point of view—to bring them around to our side of thinking . . . to persuade them, in short, to believe what we are saying, and persuade them to take on our point of view as their own as well.

I know five great rules for writing persuasive essays which will make your paper shine. Practice these with every persuasive essay and you will always be successful in your endeavors.

First, Pick a Great Persuasive Topic

It will not be hard to find, today, a persuasive topic that you care about. Perhaps you can about saving endangered wildlife? Then Google “New endangered animals due to global warming—I can tell you one of them is the polar bear—and wouldn’t it be awful to lose these glorious creatures? Perhaps you care about global warming, littering, child car seat laws, increasing more stringent measures on texting and driving—pick something you find interesting enough to research. Pick it and do not look back because the writing takes a lot of time and you need to just pick anything. Virtually all of these topics are interesting, anything worth a persuasive essay is usually quite urgent, pressing, and needs to be talked about. Pick something you will not mind reading a lot about but that you are not so crazy-obsessed with you will lack objectivity.

Get Some Words on The Page

Go ahead. Break the Ice. Type something. Do a quick freewrite and a skillful one—discussing things you know well about your topic. This can later become the “words around the research” and this is the most important step you can take – banishing your writer’s anxiety.

Factor a Good Writing Equation

Calculate yourself long enough to work on this that you factor in the days you cannot or will not write. Give yourself a week or more if you can.

Fourth, There is Writing and then There is Writing Craftsmanship

Just as a hand knit cashmere sweater takes time to knit but boy, will it be worth it – an A+ paper takes time to craft but let me tell you one thing—rattle off your first one and every paper in your future will come easier and faster.

Five Allow beaucoup time for revision. You’ll need it.

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