A List Of Exciting Argumentation-Persuasion Essay Topics

What issues are you most passionate about? What topics do you care about so much that you find yourself getting riled up in front of friends or around the dinner table discussing? Argumentation-Persuasion essays are actually pretty common in our daily lives, and the assignment shouldn’t faze you at all. Write about what you are passionate about and want to persuade others to believe. If you’re still hesitating, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Should people be allowed to hide or obscure their online identities? In an age when the dangers of harassment and identity theft are prevalent, should people have to right to hide their identities?
  2. Is online education as effective as in-person learning? More and more online learning opportunities have risen in recent years. Are these any more or less effective than traditional in-person education?
  3. Should there be a mandatory entrance exam to get into high school? Would there be any benefits in requiring students to place into high school? Will learning conditions improve?
  4. Do your instructors use technology in the classroom well? Some subjects lend themselves very well to using technology as a learning tool – e.g., math, physics, econ, etc. – but instructors may still be a little reluctant to use technology in their classrooms. How do your instructors rate?
  5. Do cell phone applications help you or are they just a waste of time? There appears to be an app for just about everything. But are apps actually helpful in our daily lives or are they really big time-wasters?
  6. Is television becoming obsolete or is it stronger than ever? Now that people can get all of their favorite programs through streaming services, is television on its way of commonality?
  7. Should pregnant couple receive mandatory parenting lessons? The right to privacy set aside, should people have to take mandatory lessons in positive parenting or would this infringe on people’s rights?
  8. Should students have an adult accompany them during their first year of driving? Would having a parent on board during the first year of driving, help young adults become better and safer drivers?
  9. Should safety helmets be a requirement for skaters? Injuries will persist, but could the occurrences of serious head injuries decrease if we simply imposed a policy requiring skaters to protect themselves?
  10. Should there be a minimum age requirement to have a Facebook profile? Would having an age minimum to have a social profile prevent cyberbullying and other online crimes? Is this overstepping parental rights to protect their own children?

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