Blade Runner

Blade runner is an American science fiction movie of 1982. The film featured Rutger Hauer, Edward James Olmos, Harrison Ford and Sean Young as the stirring. The screenplay of the film was written by David Peoples and Hampton Fancher and directed by Ridley Scott. The Blade Runner film is an adaptation of Philip K. Dick novel of 1968, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Scope of the Film

The film exhibits the genetic engineered replicants of Los Angeles of 2019 November which is manufactured through powerful Tyrell corporations and other big corporations around the globe. These genetically engineered replicants are visually distinguishable from adult human beings. The use of replicants is prohibited on earth and thus they are exclusive used for menial or dangerous work on off the world colonies.

However, replicants which defy the ban and come back to earth are hunted down and assassinated by the Blade Runners, a special police force. The screenplay is based on a group of desperate replicants which had recently escaped from off-world colonies and came to hide in Los Angeles. Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard), a brunt-out expert in the Blade Runner agreed to carry out the assignment of killing the defied replicants.

Performance of the Blade Runner in American Theaters

Initially, the blade runner film was criticized due to its complexity. Some people were not pleased with the pacing of the film. However, there were those who enjoyed its thematic complexity. As a result, the film failed to perform well in theaters in the North America. However, the film has eventually become a cult movie. Despite the initial critics, the film has been hailed for its design of production, retrofitted exhibition of future as well as the neo-noir genre. This film brought about the recognition of the Philip K. Dick work to Hollywood film firm which later released other films based on Philip’s work. The Blade Runner film is the most complete personal film by the Ridley Scott.

The blade runner film was nominated in 1993 by the Library of Congress to be presented in National Film Registry in United States as a historically, aesthetically and culturally significant film. Presently, the film is regarded as the best ever science fiction film in United States of America.

Nevertheless, due to controversial changes made by the executives of the film, seven versions of blade runner have been shown in different markets. In 1992, a swift director’s cut was produced in respond to work-print films. Warner Bros in 2007 released The Final Cut, incorporated entire works of Ridley Scott.

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